Yakima Wastewater Treatment Plant

Apollo Inc began work on the 11.28 Million Gallon per Day (24 MGD peak flow) Yakima Waste Water Treatment Plant in July, 2006. The entire plant covers almost 29 acres, with Apollo’s addition being 7.5 acres.

The scope of work included:

  • A new pre-fabricated solids handling building and basement housing a solids centrifuge,
  • Polymer dosing facility, Centrifuge feed pumps and grinder, Solids screw conveyor,
  • Centrate storage tank and centrate feed pumps,
  • Electrical room with associated motor control centers and other electrical equipment modifications,
  • It includes men’s and women’s locker rooms, a control room, and a covered truck loading bay,
  • A new pre-fabricated metal aeration blower building housing three single stage centrifugal blowers, stand-by generator, and an electrical room,
  • We also supplied a bulk fuel storage tank and fuel supply system for the generator