Yakima Railroad Grade Separations

The Yakima Railroad Grade Separations was a public works project that entailed the construction of an underpass for the eastbound Lincoln Avenue traffic lanes in Yakima, Washington.  Due to the increased vehicle crossings of the BNSF railway, the underpass containing 3 bridge structures was designed to allow unobstructed traffic flow under the railroad crossing at Lincoln Avenue.


The grade separation spans roughly 3 city blocks and is constructed using a series of drilled secant pile retaining walls and concrete pile caps used to retain the existing ground elevations on either side of the project.  A tremie poured concrete bottom seal was also incorporated into the design to prevent water infiltration into the newly constructed underpass. Due to the high water table within the project limits a lift station was constructed to remove excess water from the site to a series of retention and infiltration ponds.

Apollo Inc, self performed all mass excavation, structural concrete, bridge construction and underground utility work on the project.