Weaver Creek Bridge Construction

Weaver Creek Bridge

The Weaver Creek Bridge project called for the construction of a new 70’ x 35’ two-lane bridge near Shelton, WA. The new structure was needed due to deterioration of the existing timber structure over Weaver Creek which had been in service since 1964.

Major work activities included demolition of the existing timber bridge structure, driving 12.75” diameter piling for the bridge foundation, installation of deck bulb tee girders, and widening of the existing roadway. In order to keep the roadway operational for nearby residents and businesses, a temporary shoofly was utilized throughout the project and removed once the new structure was complete.

Construction began in September of 2011 and concluded in May of 2012. Working closely with the owner and our team of subcontractors, Apollo’s project team completed the job within the allotted contract time despite facing various weather challenges. Completion of the new bridge allowed Mason County to gain proper access to a neighboring bridge in need of improvements.

Apollo Inc., self-performed all structural concrete and bridge construction on the project.