Vancouver 5 Expansion SPL Project

The Terminal 5 Expansion/SPL project was awarded to Apollo by the Port of Vancouver. This project rerouted and increased the capacity of the existing tracks to accommodate a future potash export facility. Existing utilities were rerouted, a 96” lift station was installed, and the lighting system upgraded.


The “SPL” in the project name stands for Spent Pot Liner. Approximately 10,000 Tons of this hazardous material (a byproduct of aluminum processing) was removed to bring the new track to grade. With the field crew trained in hazardous material handling, the waste was loaded in lined trucks and hauled to Waste Management in Arlington, OR. Before the new track could be installed the contaminated area needed to be capped with at 30mil pvc liner to prevent ground water from leaching back into the soil.

Apollo Inc, self performed all excavation and underground utility work on the project.