Apollo Trestle Creek Bridge Construction

Trestle Creek Bridge Project

The Trestle Creek Bridge Project was an ITD project that entailed construction of a new bridge and the  realignment of Trestle Creek in Hope, Idaho.  The project required a channel re-alignment, box culvert replacement and roadway widening on Idaho State Highway 200.  In order to keep the road open to the traveling public, the new bridge was designed to be constructed in two halves and incorporated precast abutments with bulb T girders.


The Trestle Creek Bridge Project spans nearly ¾ of a mile in an environmentally sensitive area that required rock blasting, piling, structural concrete, retaining walls, roadwork and numerous stream diversions within a strict “in water work” window to minimize adverse effects to the native habitat.

Apollo Inc, self performed all excavation, structural concrete, bridge construction, roadwork, retaining wall and stream diversion work on the project.