Queets Fish Processing Facility

This project consisted of constructing a new 61’ x 76’ x 12’ low side single slope pre-engineered metal building for the tribes’ new fish processing facility. It included 76’ of 9’ retaining walls, and another 137’ of 4’ retaining walls that served to elevate the building to loading dock height. A concrete fish sort pad was poured between the new building and an existing abandoned bridge deck on the north end with a trench drain and sump that attached to the sewer system. A jib crane and safety rail was installed at the north end of the bridge deck so fish crates could be pulled directly from the boats on to the bridge deck. This phase of the project was a shell only, the building was insulated and overhead doors installed. A parking area and driveway was cut in to the south and west of the building, tying the property into the main road in Queets.