Nile Valley Landslide Re-construct Route

The Nile Valley Landslide Re-Construct Route project provided for the improvement of 1.21 miles of SR 410 in Yakima County from Mile Post 107.37 to Mile Post 108.58, by rebuilding the entire section of SR 410 highway around the toe of the slope of the Nile Valley Landslide that destroyed an entire quarter mile section of the highway in October 2009.

The improvements included the reconstruction of an intersection at the west end of the project, restoring wetlands, grading, drainage, surfacing, HMA paving, planting, wildlife habitat structures and new guardrail.  Also included in the construction was the placement of over 58,000 tons of Quarry Spalls within the excavation of a Shear Key/Buttress area designed to stabilize the slope above the highway from the 2009 landslide.  Apollo, Inc. self-performed all mass excavation and grading activities involved in the project.