Bozeman Water Treatment Plant

Apollo, Inc is constructing  the Hyalite/Sourdough Water Treatment Plant which is a new $26 Million plant to replace the adjacent existing water plant.

Construction of the plant started September 2011 and is schedule for substantial completion by 24 November 2013.    The “state of the art” membrane filtration system  will provide an average of 9.6 million gallons of filtered mountain stream water to the City of Bozeman.

To provide a suitable foundation for the new building almost 70,000 cubic yards of unsuitable materials were removed and replaced.  Over 7000 cubic yards of concrete will be placed in the foundations for the new  45,000 square feet Pre-engineered metal building.  The new building will have a grit removal, separation and handling equipment, over 10,000 of flocculation/sedimentation basins to remove the fine silts from the intake water, 17,000 square feet or process equipment including 5 new  150 hp filtrate feed pumps, 6 filter racks, 2 DAFT units and over a dozen FRP chemical storage tanks for the process and filter cleaning chemicals.  There is over 15,000 square feet of office/conference room areas, locker rooms, process control laboratory, control room, and equipment maintenance area.