Apollo Safest Company in Washington

Apollo Inc and Apollo Mechanical Named Safest Companies in Washington State Across ALL Industries

In 2012, Apollo Mechanical and Apollo Inc. received an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.31, making them the safest company in Washington State.
February 25th, 2012 – Kennewick, WA

This month, Apollo Mechanical and Apollo Inc. have once again been named the safest construction companies in Washington State. With over 700 employees, Apollo Mechanical and Apollo Inc have proven track records of safety in the construction industry. In 2010, Apollo received EMR of 0.33 – the second lowest in Washington State for all industries, second only to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Their 2011 EMR of 0.29 was 71% lower than the average company.  This year Apollo Inc and Apollo Mechanical’s impressive 2012 EMR is 0.31, 68% lower than the average company. Apollo’s unwavering commitment to the safety of its employees has made it the safest construction company in the state of Washington three years in a row.
At Apollo Mechanical and Apollo Inc., the incident rate has been lower each year for the past five years, illustrating Apollo’s commitment to improve upon their already aggressive Safety and Accident Prevention Program.  Apollo’s current incident rate is an impressive 41% lower than that of the average construction company and its Days Away and Restricted Time rate is 52% lower. The loss work day rate for the past three years is 72% lower than its counterparts.

Founded in 1981, Apollo has grown successfully each year. Much of Apollo’s success can be attributed to the high value the company places on its employee relationships. Ensuring the safety of its treasured employees is of paramount importance to this expanding company. Employees are treated like family, continuing the tradition established by Apollo’s founder, Bruce Ratchford.

Apollo’s commitment to safety is evidenced even in the company’s motto,  “Building People Who Build Great Things.”

“Our safety program has nothing to do with enforcing rules,” according to Mike Ellis, Apollo’s  Safety Director. “It has to do with showing our guys why (being safe) is the right thing to do. I always try to catch guys doing the right thing. We try to make safety personal.”In the past three years, Apollo Inc. and Apollo Mechanical have logged 4,600,000 million man-hours and were able to work nearly 3,000,000 man-hours without a loss time injury.  Completing projects injury free is no longer a goal but an expectation.  “Apollo has proven many times injury free jobs are possible” said Dan Briscoe, a Vice President at Apollo “We don’t look at safety as different from all the other things we do; it’s just part of who we are.”


About Apollo Mechanical and Apollo Inc:

Apollo officially began operations in 1981, building on a vision that originated in the mid-1970s by owner Bruce Ratchford. Since 1981, Apollo has expanded its markets across the United States and internationally.

Apollo has progressively grown larger than its original scope and has expanded its operations to specialize in mechanical construction for correctional facilities, hospitals, laboratories, high-tech data centers, schools, and industrial facilities.

In 1993, Bruce created a separate company, Apollo Inc., to serve as a general contractor in the construction industry.  Apollo Inc. performs infrastructure, industrial, heavy civil, commercial, and design build projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Apollo Inc specializes in projects such as wastewater treatment, water treatment, bridges, laboratories, wineries, manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, and environmental remediation.



Dan Briscoe, Vice President 1133 W. Columbia Drive Kennewick, WA 99336-3459 USA Tel (509) 586-1104  Fax (509) 585-3686 Email info@apollosm.com

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