Safety Facts

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EMR Ratings History 0.33 0.33 0.33 0.29 0.33 0.41 0.69
D.A.R.T 1.44 1.4 2.25 2.07 1.82 3.39
Lost Time Incident Rate 0.00 0.93 0.45 0.52 0.46 0.38
Man Hours 350,948 429,313 444,995 386,417 438,519 530,647

Apollo - Safest Contractor in Washington

Safety and Accident Prevention Program -Overview

Apollo maintains it’s commitment to safety and safety awareness through the implementation of an aggressive safety program. The program elements include:

  • Employee Involvement
  • Training
  • Pre-Task Planning
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Management Commitment

Employee Involvement

Employees facilitate the safety program through their participation in the Safety Committee, weekly safety meetings, suggestion boxes, and day to day interaction with the Safety Coordinator.


Division Managers are responsible to set and monitor annual training goals for key supervisors. Employees receive training and continuous education through new hire orientation, weekly safety meetings, and annually as required by the OSHA standard, and as further defined in the Apollo Accident Prevention Program.

Pre-Task Planning

At the beginning of each day, and also prior to a large or complex task being performed, supervisors and workers gather together to develop the plan for execution which includes how something should best be performed, what tools, equipment and supplies will be needed, and what safety precautions must be taken. This not only insures a task is done in the most efficient method possible, but also insures all possible risks have been considered and mitigated.

Hazard Prevention Control

Management and employees work together to identify and establish controls for hazard abatement through the use of pre job planning documents (provided in Apollo Accident Prevention Program), and phased job safety analyses, or plan of the day documents.

Management Commitment

Division Managers, with the support of the Executive Management Branch are responsible to ensure commitment and adherence to the Apollo Accident Program at every level within the Apollo organization. Division Managers establish four (4) annual safety goals to continue to improve on the safest possible work environment. This commitment is further promoted through the implementation of a safety award and incentive program that provides for rewards for exemplary commitment and performance within the parameters of the Apollo Accident Prevention Program.

Core Functions of the Safety Program are as follows:

  • Define the Scope of Work
  • Identify and Analyze the Hazards
  • Develop and Implement Hazard Controls
  • Perform Work Within those Controls
  • Provide Feedback and Continuous Improvement
  • Management Review

Define the Scope of Work

The project manager and safety coordinator, during pre-job planning identify the scope of work, and any safety concerns relative to that scope.

Identify and Analyze the Hazards

After the hazards have been identified as noted above, the safety coordinator, project manager, and any appropriate supervisory personnel (superintendent, etc.) identify procedures to be set in place to correctly address the hazards that have been identified.

Develop and Implement Hazard Controls

Hazard controls as identified above are them presented via the superintendent and foreman (jobsite safety tool box meetings and safety committee meetings) to the field personnel for input and implementation on the project jobsite.

Perform Work Within Those Controls

Jobsite superintendent and foreman are responsible to ensure, through jobsite inspections, safety tool box meetings, and safety committee meetings that the job specific safety plan, and the Apollo Accident Prevention Program are being adhered to. The safety coordinator, through safety inspections, assessments and audits also ensures adherence to these programs.

Provide Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Via jobsite safety inspections, and communication with field personnel, the Safety Committee, and suggestion boxes, the Safety Coordinator is able to analyze the effectiveness of the job specific safety plan and the Apollo Accident Prevention Program as it applies to each individual project, and make improvements as deemed necessary.

Management Review

Management is afforded the opportunity to review safety issues and concerns via monthly management meetings. These meetings are held once each month, and involve the Safety Coordinator, Director of Risk Management, and the Vice President/General Manager. These meetings also periodically include various field personnel. Additionally, the Apollo Accident Prevention Program is reviewed annually, and approved by either the Vice President or the Director of Risk Management.

It is the desire of the Apollo Group to maintain the highest safety and occupational health standards for it’s employees and subcontractors. For a complete detail of the procedures and practices that have been set in place to ensure this, a copy of the Apollo Accident Prevention Program can be provided for further review.